Versuri Mob Rules - Fuel To The Fire

Album: Mob Rules - Ethnolution A.D.

Let's praise the east side and just damn the west right for their money
Their way of life and their culture cross ain't sweet as honey
Waste no time and spread the tale of bloody anger
Turn your head and feed your lost desire

Fuel to the fire

The court decided that your hate will guide to save the border
With uniforms and in arms they fight the new world order
Gave their life and played the games of separation
Open your eyes and judge about those liars

Fuel to the fire

The wall went down, there's a crowd of friends and well known strangers
Put their guns aside and shout it out: "No danger!"
Waste no time and spread the tale of freedom
Wash their brains and tell the folks to admire

Fuel to the fire

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