Versuri Mob Rules - Hold Back The Light

Album: Mob Rules - Savage Land

What you now feel... the pain of life
What you don't feel is pride

What we should do is turn the tide
Your choice is left or right

We turn the time and hold the key
Life means the feel in me
Above a rainy cloudy sky
We try to fly

All that man cares about is life
All that he wants
All that man takes is in god's rhyme of truth and time

Before the storm holds back the light
And silence loses ground
When lightning burns the open sky
We need shelter from the yellow rain

We know the truth of rage and life
We care for lonely souls
Remember when the time is right
For us to step aside

We turned the time and held the key
Life meant the feel in me
Above a rainy cloudy sky
We tried to fly

Day after day we tempt our fate and try to take
Life after life man tells the truth of glory games

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