Versuri Moker - False Reality

Album: Moker - Translating The Pain

False reality.
A light in the darkness shines for all to see.
You can never know what will really be.
A friendship ended with no hope in sight.
You better give up, you can win this fight.

Shutting off all your emotions can't let yourself feel.
Because then all this pain would somehow be real.
Pouring out these frustrations, please release your dread.
While your evil and wicked thoughts drain out of your head.

False Reality.
Watch from the distance, you can't come near.
Watch all your faith shatter and disappear.
Pretend you don't care and crush all your hope,
then you will have no reason to cope

False Reality.
Your thoughts make no sense, you are so confused.
Left in a total mess. Deal with the mental abuse.

False Reality.
False reality of everything that seems so likely real.
But in reality is nothing but a fallacy.
What will now exist and what can be controlled?

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