Versuri Moker - Manic Existence

Album: Moker - Translating The Pain

Oh yes, there will be blood

Darkness suffocates us, feel its cold embrace
Taking all of its evil, grins and rips your face
Wallow in loneliness, gather up my pain
Walk along my thoughts, pray that you stay sane
Come along with me, dance with all the clowns
Subtly torture our victims, smiles painted over frowns

This is my - manic existence!
Feel my - manic existence!
Follow - manic existence!
Hail my - manic existence!

Manic existence. Floating above

We're one big family inside this very sick mind
We kill just for the fun, I hope you don't mind
I think I'm gonna kill you but I don't know how
Maybe I'll slowly burn you or peal you inside out

Why I love this manic existence?

I will take little bites as you slowly die
Laugh at you during my meal as you wonder why
I wonder what it's like, knowing you're going to die

Perhaps I'll have more fun breaking your arms and legs
Please let me try

Shut the f**k up before you feel the numb
Then I take my gun and blow away your groin
Lots of painful tears pour from your lost eyes
It's not too late to say your final good-byes

I see the fear in your eyes
I shove the gun in your mouth and pull back the trigger
Your head bends over. Yes, there goes my finger

Fall the f**k back and relax, savour all the dreadful pain
Look upon the black rainbow and please don't make a terrible stain
I hope you enjoyed your visit, inside this mind of working gears
You're welcome back anytime. So y'all come back now ya hear

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