Versuri Moker - Stuck In A Pattern

Album: Moker - Translating The Pain

Screaming in silence, dying all alone.
How could you give me a broken heart?
Everything was just fine from the start.
But now I know you, I know your game.
How do you walk with the burden of shame?
Running far away, leaving this mess.
No place called home.
My mind is in turmoil, that's driving me insane.
It's never at ease.
I fall way behind, there's nothing to grasp.
Always trying to please.
I love you and I hate you, I decided we are through.
You destroyed my heart.
Ripped it and than tossed it.
You broke my heart.
Suffering on the inside, letting go of lies.

I'm stuck in a pattern that I can't shake.
You sit by and watch it break.

The dark thoughts they take over.
The truth no one will know.
I stumble through each day, barely scraping by.
I travel in circles and fall far behind.
Losing my sanity, losing my mind.
b***h, I really hate you I wish for you to die.
That's all I think about every time I close my eyes.

You're so oblivious.
You don't see what you do, you always hurt me.
And you don't have a clue.
I can't take it anymore! I want to give in!
I've told you once and now I'm telling you twice.
This is the last time I'm gonna say it. Stay the f**k out of my life!

You're always right and I'm always wrong.
You think you're perfect and I just don't belong.
It isn't worth it, this is too much pain.
I want to watch you burn in hell and hear your screams of agony.
I want to see you torn apart by the demons in your soul.

No one can fix what you have done
The anger inside me, I can't repress.
I want your life to be ruined!

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