Versuri Monster Magnet - 09. Master of Light

Album: Monster Magnet - Monolithic Baby!

I'm afraid of nothing
It's the only way to be
Welcome to the rubber rooom
It was made for you and me

Want to see how a snake can fly ?
I believe that you can't say no
Just get ready for the world outside
It's insane, it's insane, it's insane

Keep your head looking up to the sky
Keep the blood boiling down below
You'll believe that a snake can fly
I believe that you can't say no

I can shake now and I can show
I can go where no one else goes
Check your head now and hold on tight
It's surfin' time with the master of light

Life's a big explosion
With it's candy and it's pills
And i can see why some of you
Love your demons when you're ill

Let me smooth along your heart now
Let me reach inside your head
Life's a big explosion, ain't it cool?
I'm Jesus, I'm Satan
I'm anyone you want me to be
You're broken, you're frozen
You're better off coming with me

I'm afraid of nothing, it's the only way to be
I'm afraid of nothing, not today

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