Versuri MOON OF STEEL - I Hear You Call

Album: MOON OF STEEL - Insignificant Details

I'm walking alone again
With me lost in memories
I see you and wish for a dream
But I fall again and I lose my way

I'm walking alone again
With you, your voice
Wasted along millions of faces
All alike
There is no relief

I'm dreaming
I'm seeing what we've tasted of life
And of each other
I want it back again
Hold on to me now
The colour of desire
A simple glance at passion
To feel like that again
Set free your emotions

Leave your part of false desires
Raise your eyes to mine
Look inside and listen to your heart
You'll breathe easier

In another place
The light bright again
Now I will rise up

I don't want to fall
I don't want to fall
I can hear you call

I'm flying
The past was just a guideline
The future's what we make it
A dream that never ends
Walk with me now
I know it won't be easy
But we're in this together
We'll make it out alive
Let's free our emotions

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