Moonspell a lansat un clip live pentru 'Desastre'

de Cristi Nedelcu

Moonspell a lansat un clip live pentru 'Desastre'

Noul clip Moonspell este pentru piesa 'Desastre' inclusa pe ultimul album al formatiei intitulat '1755' ce a fost lansat in Noiembrie anul trecut.

Clipul a fost filmat la Paris in La Machine Du Moulin Rouge. Il puteti vedea mai jos.

Despre cum a fost primit cel mai recent material, Fernando Ribeiro a declarat: "Actually, we had a very good response. Sometimes things are a bit more cynical, but, obviously, it's not everything like in black and white. People love it and people didn't think it was that special. I think we had the goal as a band, which was to tell the story of the Lisbon earthquake of 1755, the story about Portugal. We can never anticipate it will be a story that for some people, it's almost fiction, but it really happened in our country, 262 or 263 years ago. If you asked me, I would definitely have expected it since it was an album in Portuguese, so you never know. I think the people who liked it, in a way, it validated our effort to tell the story, because it's in Portuguese, so it's not speaking in English. There could have been more of a linguistic barrier, but people understood that it is a concept album that had to be sung in Portuguese. That was probably the biggest question mark. I think it's still a MOONSPELL album. It's very intense, it's very dramatic. Like I said, it's all oriented to storytelling with the music, so I'm very happy people like it."

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