Versuri Moonspell - Opium

Album: Moonspell - 2econd Skin (Single)

Opium, desire or will?
Inspiration bound from an elegant seed
Subversion, through smoke I foresee
Erotic motions of lesser gods in ecstasy

Opium, bring me forth another dream
Spawn worlds of flesh and red,
little jewels of atrocity
Opium, I sleep in debauchery
And burn with you
when you burn in Me

Opium, we fantasise
as we fuse with your root
You are a strange flower,
we are your strangest fruit

Opium, it burns in me and you
Opium, it burns for me and for you

"E por isso eu tomo pio, um remdio
Sou um convalescente do momento,
Moro no rs-do-cho do pensamento
E ver passar a vida faz-me tdio."

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