Versuri Morbid Angel - Fall From Grace

Album: Morbid Angel - Ignominious

Hot wind burns me
Burning as I fall
Cast away
Speechless in the holy way
I survive
The scourge and banishing
To scorching land
I am lord, I take command

(Fall from grace)

Forgive me not
This knowledge makes me strong
To resurrect
The cities of the damned
All the treasure of Sodom

Now belong to me - celebrate
Fallen angels take my hand

(Fall from grace)

Whores long for my flesh
And my desire
Lust anointing me now
Consume my soul

[solo Azagthoth]
[solo Brunelle]

(I ride the flesh and the sinners of hell)
(I am belial )
(I bend knee not before my selfish desire)

[solo Brunelle]

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