Versuri Morbid Angel - He Who Sleeps

Album: Morbid Angel - Ignominious

[Lyrics - Tucker, Music - Tucker]

Awaken my brothers,
of vengeance we rise
to divulge this enemy,
to enlighten the ones who sleep

Worlds have passed and so too has time
my slumber now disturbed,
this place of hate, thy worlds shall burn

Humans, I shall feast upon your ignorance.

you will destroy yourselves
Mortals, your slithering existence
sickens the gods, my brothers
it awoke me, from timeless sleep
my dreams destroyed, my visions lost
and so I watch you pray,
and spite your worlds

Forgive me father? I am not your god
you crawl to me, and beg to me my sheep,

you have fallen, curse your empty lives
blind, like wolves you turn on yourselves

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