Versuri Morbid Angel - The Gate / Lord Of All Fevers

Album: Morbid Angel - Abominations Of Desolation

[Re-released on Altars Of Madness CD as "Lord Of Fevers and Plague"]

[Music & Lyrics: Azagthoth]

Ninnghizhidda - open my eyes
Ninnghizhidda - hear my cries
Plumed serpent of the deep
Plumed serpent of the gate
I command - come before me
I command - bring the key
Rise from the depths
See the fire in my wand

Ia iak sakkakh iak sakkakth
Ia shaxul

I call forth the god pazuzu
I call forth the lord of plague
I am of the lost
Creatures of spawn of hate
Rejoice in the heaving earth
Praise the ripping sky
Rise spread disease
Consume their puny souls

Ia iak sakkakh iak sakkakth
Ia shaxul
Ia kingu ia cthulu ia azbul
Ia azabua

Ride the wings of death... [X3]

[Repeat 1st verse]


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