Versuri Morgana Lefay - Enter The Oblivion

Album: Morgana Lefay - Knowing Just As I

Cross the sea of souls
On a ship of mist
Towards a shining glow
You are leaving you
As every man shall do
So while your body dies
You reach the thousand skies
Enter oblivion
Your mortal time is done
Unlink your gemini
To become one with thy
A far but closing chime
Into the light divine
Dead to be born beyond
You will forever roam
You sail away...
Have they no shame at all
They weren't no friends of yours
Their regrets in vain
They had their chance before
But now that you are gone
Remembering what they've done
And what they didn't do
The tears are too late for you
You sail away...
So do you even care
When you're dead who's there
You are too far away
To hear them anyway
Death comes to everyone
To make sure his will be done
But before you die
Remember, say goodbye
Then sail away... Sail away.

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