Versuri Morgana Lefay - The Mirror

Album: Morgana Lefay - The Secret Doctrine

What's beyond the chamber mirror
The evening coloured secret window
Is there just an inverted picture of
This room's reality
I have witnessed tiny little changes
Within that darkened reflected room
Things have altered seemingly in wrongful
Places of false dimensions
Hypnotised my soul is waiting
Horrified my senses fading
The mirror stares into my soul
Suspiciously I'm moving closer
And I wave my hand before me
In disbelief I watch the image of myself
Yet standing still
I'm staring deep into my eyes
Touch the mirror while I wonder why
In that moment my reflection grabs my arm
And pulls me through
To a room that is reversed
My common sense I feel it burst
The mirror takes what god forsakes
The mirror
Screaming - in silence
Staring out from the mirror
Reality - fades away
And I am locked beyond the mirror
Shadows - near me
Whisperings that scare me
Help me - take me out
Crush the mirror of despair
The mirror

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