Versuri MORIFADE - A Northern Rhyme

Album: MORIFADE - Possession Of Power

[Music: J. Johansson / Lyrics: J. Johansson]

I'm an ancient warrior
And I ride the northern sky
Like a brave man I will die in Valhalla
You can hear the thunder roar
I'm the lightning in the sky
Follow me and live to die in Valhalla

I may fight until I die
Death or glory, pride or pain
I've got fury to regain in Valhalla
And when my body's turned old
All I need to do is pray
Let a warmaid guide my way to Valhalla

When a warrior's fallen
By a warmaid he fly
To the hall of the fallen
Upon the northern sky
The northern sky

When a warrior's fallen...

When a warrior's fallen...

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