Versuri MORIFADE - A Silent Revolution


[Music: J. Johansson, Lyrics: S. Petersson]

We once saw a way
To lift the masses from decay
To guide them through night
Make them know their wrong from right

Our rising has seen
The end to false diversity
Salvation in norms
To which all now will conform

They were searching for answers, we gave them the key
Showed them a way to be free
A world without choices, a welcoming sleep
ALL FOR ONE - Like shepherd and sheep

We drain you of will, and soon there are no needs to kill
Depraved of your sight, you'll let us lead the...

Light, lead the light
In labour you pay to the saviour who gave you...
Light, lead the light
Your minds are kept clean, as fuel to the power machine

A medical salvation, a new drug took form
Needles, injecting our norms
SOMA will ease you, take care of your pain
ALL IS WELL - Feel it flow through your veins

The all-seeing eye, protects you well up in the sky
There's nothing to fight, as long as we lead the...


[Solos: J. Johansson / R. Arnell]


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