Versuri MORIFADE - Lost Within A Shade

Album: MORIFADE - Imaginarium

[Music & Lyrics: J. Johansson]

Is this the way you want to live?
Is this the life you wanted?
Learning ways to fly
Sometimes too high to come down
You're pushing limits day by day
You'll push until you're flying
Burn thy senses
Burn them for a while
Tell me why?

You've built your own world
(Built of Cocaine)
To burn thy senses day by day
In a wasteland
Made by your own hands
You've built your own world
(Raised for a slave)
You will be dying if you can't
Stop this madness
It's up to you - It's your decay...

In Imaginarium
Where lives will fade
In Imaginarium
You're lost within a shade

Is this the way you want to live?
A slave beneath addiction
Realize and face insight
Before it's too late


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