Versuri MORK GRYNING - Fragments And Pieces

Album: MORK GRYNING - Pieces Of Primal Expressionism

[music: Aeon, lyrics: Goth]

A dying play and silence weigh on the city of Ur
It tears his soul, the glass is whole, fragments of her
The blue bus still calls us, destination our funeral pyre
The pious men await, while innocents are raped with napalm fire

Fragments and pieces...

The Persian woman was strong in faith, she wasn't chosen but pleased him well
The dogs shall not eat from the table!
Suffer them all, they'll scream out for more, sadomasochistic conviction inflicted
The orgasm, the baptism in iron

A dying play and silence weigh as the desert's set ablaze
He seeks to find a haven to hide, there are no accidents
The blue bus digests us, desintegrate into flesh and pus
The pious men enjoy the game, blessing all the innocents

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