Versuri MORK GRYNING - On The Verge Of Prime Divinity

Album: MORK GRYNING - Pieces Of Primal Expressionism

[music: Goth, lyrics: Goth]

Oh, I cannot hold it,
These energies are flowing
Burning in my soul
Pounding in my brain, can you feel my hunger?
Desires beyond control...

Forcing me to follow, to walk paths unknown
Born to stalk, like a lonely wolf

Energies, flowing free
Metamorphose, on the verge of prime divinity

Passed the line, of love and hate
I ascend to a higher state, to reach the origin of the human race

The subconscious of every man, within me
In every legend and tale, it's there

This vague feeling of something...
We're born with the knowledge within our souls
But life makes us forget what we know
So flow!

No longer I know myself, no care for life or death
I must break through to reach serenity, on the verge of prime divinity

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