Versuri Morphix - Phoenix

Phoenix(burn the world)

Hey, it's me, breathing the smoke
Living the destruction in wichi awoke
Closing myself to the wall
Lookin out the window, watching the world fall

Hey you, it's me, burning again
Setting fire on this world in vain
(And) When you have nothing more to gain
I'll turn your life into pain

No one can stop this deadly train
Trampling all the souls again
Humanity's all living in vain
All is lost set fire to the rain

Tell me why, can you justify
the darkness coming from the sky
When i'm looking at tahe stars
The earth around me's full of scars

RF: Destroy the shackles and the chains
Let the blood boil in my veins
Free my wings so i can fly
Like a phoenix in the sky

 Set it all on fire, let me feel
That all i'm living here is real
Close my eyes so i can see 
Close this chapter set me free

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