Versuri Morrissey - King Leer

Album: Morrissey - Kill Uncle

Your boyfriend, he 
Went down on one knee 
Well, could it be 
He's only got one knee ? 

I tried to surprise you 
With Vodka 
Or Tizer 
I can't quite quite remember 
But you didn't thank me 
You didn't even thank me 
Because you never do 

Your boyfriend, he 
Has the gift of the gab 
Or, could it be 
The gift of the grab ? 
I tried to surprise you 
I lay down beside you 
And ... nothing much happened 
And you didn't phone me 
You didn't even phone me 
Because it's not your style 
To dial 

Your boyfriend, he 
Has displayed to me 
More than just a 
Real hint of cruelty 
I tried to surprise you 
I crept up behind you 
With a homeless chihuahua 
You "coo"-ed for an hour 
You handed him back and said : 
"You'll never guess - I'm bored now"[King Leer Lyrics on ]

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