Versuri MORTAL DECAY - Beyond Forensic Knowledge

Album: MORTAL DECAY - Forensic

Discovering the decomposed bodies, awfully mutilated genitals gruesomely
removed, replaced with dirt thievery for grotesque memories, victims of
sado-sexual perversions...
Acts of genius, distorted, mastermind of the macabre art. Obliterating most
traces of forensic evidence DNA nonexistent, bodily lividity badly bruised,
abrasions from a violent struggle fractured skulls partially defleshed, jaws
severely shattered eyes sunken in from repeated beating, savage beyond
comprehension and all that is human. Chikatilo your sickness immortal.
Lusting the innocent, defiled. What are you thoughts as you rape the
children, molest and sodomize? To crave necrophilia, to devour pieces of
your victims. Bizarre envy, the fascination of your lunacy conquering the
unreal. Hunting the mysteries, unknown identity. Inhuman capabilities to
brutalize the young flesh. Pleasured by the hands of insanity. Fathoming the
homicidal rages. Maniacal sex criminal, pedophile, torture killer. Exhuming
the masticated, recover the horrid images both sexes violated, orally anally
penetrated. Human predator unidentified, eyes and tongues removed, torsos
viciously stabbed, enhancing the orgasm. Insane f*****g brutalizing
creation, your mind a cavern of grave recollections...

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