Versuri MORTAL DECAY - Brutalized And Defiled

Album: MORTAL DECAY - Forensic

Describe to me in your screams the pain that intensifies. I'll be the blood
that leaks and the fear that fills your eyes. My insanity becomes your
violent reality. Recreating the brilliant acts of those before me. Studied
their morbidity to mutilate your entire anatomy, journey into a world of
inhumanities as history repeats itself you're the object of my fixation. You
are my Black Dahlia... everybody has the capability of murdering somebody. At
first I was sickened and horrified the exhilaration, the petrified feeling
of taking one's life. Bludgeoning, her screams were deafening. Bleeding
uncontrollably, bleeding all over me, desperately struggling in her moribund
state, and her crippling agony. Mother of three praying for me not to kill
her but I would not hear her. Brutalized and defiled... her body restrained
and glistening. Taste her perspiration, bitter sweet. Her incredible
strength when she came close to death. Her faith in god and miracles came to
an end. She bit. Drawing blood, fighting for her life, but I could not be
stopped it took 15 minutes before she died, brutalized and defiled... defiled...

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