Versuri MORTAL DECAY - Chronicles

Album: MORTAL DECAY - Forensic

In my years of seclusion, the escalation of a minds insanity. Become
prisoner to my imaginings. A psychopath that society created. Horribly
abused as a child, violent impulses intensified, intoxicated through the
multitude of my crimes. All demented and perverted, grotesque diaries
document in explicit detail the chronicles of my life. I will forever live
in infamy...
I remember my first, she was 9 years of age. Shining with innocence, I kept
her teeth to remind me of her smile, no sexual acts, just the insane thrill
of killing, not to say I haven't had those urges before. Tens of child
molestations and sex slaying. Scattered morgue photos used for
masturbation, video footage of sex and torture with victims of my lust, soon
found dead from hideous forms of execution, dead remains dumped on the
outskirts of the city.
Many found headless with traces of arsenic in their stomach. I created this,
immortal in the annals of 20th century murder. I will always be remembered,
the dead will soon be forgotten...

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