Versuri MORTAL DECAY - Insect To Flesh

Album: MORTAL DECAY - Forensic

Found in oral cavities of the deceased callaphora vomitoria. infesting
swarms devour, hollowing almost seems to animate, colonizing the decomposed
remains, orgies within the dead. Frenzied, feeding on the decrepit, forensic
entomology, studies of necrophillous insects generations of maggots blended,
analyzed, determining the postmortem interval. Infestation, complete
metamorphosis. Reproduction through the dead. Vile parasites, worms slither
through the rotten carcass. Process of decomposition, offspring developing.
Dominating the bodies, feasting on dead remains in gluttony. Violent
fornication, victims of homicide skeleton zed. Decomposed stench attracts
the multitude. Found in stab wounds and all orifices. Dumped on roadsides or
buried in wooden graves, left to whither without a trace, deteriorate.
Destroying bodily existence, numerous species, destroying forensic evidence,
creating forensic evidence. The splendid decomposition...

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