Versuri MORTAL DECAY - Meditating Through Mayhem

Album: MORTAL DECAY - Sickening Erotic Fanaticism

Passing through spheres in my subconscious. Finding solace within dreams. Travel in subnambulance into the vivid. My only
reality... trapped within a maelstrom of loneliness. Escaping life's calamities I'll dream eternally. Fantasizing, premeditating my
own death. Sojourn into forever, repetitious patterns of failure. Enveloped by emptiness, the downward spirals of human evils. My
admiration of the dead, eternal is my desire. Searching for life worth living. Only to find suffering, only to find misery. Haunted by
life's expectations, my fears consume me. Journey into dreams of peaceful tranquility, meditating. No longer fantasies of dying, I
am dead. Focusing on anxieties, reality breeds. Meditating through mayhem... In altered states between life and death, wallowing
in maniacal turbulence.

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