Versuri MORTAL DECAY - Razor Slice Decor

Album: MORTAL DECAY - Forensic

Oh, how you remind me of the others from your breasts to your dead eyes,
dozens of stab wounds decorate, inverted crosses carved in each thigh,
entire body bloody encrusted, legs left spread to nauseate covered with
gashes, sliced lips created such a beautiful smile on her angelic face.
Wrists slashed vertically, insane bloodletting her wounds cried crimson.
Acting out fantasies, psychotic obsessing, admiring the dead flesh, severed.
Intoxicating. Apparently dead for days. Lifeless body lies purple with
bruises and lacerations, multiple bite marks, extreme physical violent.
Naked, lying in a glistening pool of dark red . Diabolic lust, no traces of
sexual gratification, incisions resemble the previous bodies discovered.
Neck penetrated and broken, your sight aroused my perverse dementia. Your
beauty, your innocence, your violated sanctity. Razor sliced, disgraced yet
I worship your cadaverous display, pale, slashed and battered. The
overwhelming stench of sour vomit so vile. Sharp force injuries, postmortem
damage caused by rodent feeding, rigor-mortis evident. Intense facial trauma
suffered. Adorned with gaping holes. No longer struggling, eyes rolled in
back of the head. Another addition to my scrapbook of the mutilated...