Versuri MORTAL DECAY - Rejoice In Moribund

Album: MORTAL DECAY - Sickening Erotic Fanaticism

Unholy delirium, hallucinations controlling. Dismal shades of reality fade away. Twisted obsessions of bizarre inhumanities,
involuntarily torturing. Watch in fascination, agony feeding the insanity. Sadistic, macabre lust, pleasure and misery now become
one... Shackled bodies cauterized, departing from existence. Quivering, suffering oh so slowly. Deranged acts of cruelty,
celebration of disembowelment. Witnessing these blank expressions as they wonder hoplessly. Eulogies of heinous laughter as I
revel in sacrificial corpulence. Rejoice in mortal blood, rejoice in moribund. I feel no emotions as you slowly pass away. Dying lives
now perish, I writhe in ecstacy.

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