Versuri MORTAL DECAY - Revived Half Dead

Album: MORTAL DECAY - Sickening Erotic Fanaticism

I know I'm not normal, thoughts of ghastly mutilations. Recurring dreams of unspeakable atrocities. Envisioning the pleasure of
when these dreams become reality. Multiple murders, unbearable strangling. Laughing as I watch them gasping for air. Viciously
choking once they were unconscious. Stabbing continuously in the back, several times in the neck. Revived half dead, horribly
passing away, losing blood rapidly, left behind to die... These bloody hands eagerly choking to unconsciousness. Sometimes
snapping their necks, dying in these bloody hands. Bizarre lifestyle of gruesome crimes, living dreams of horror. Squeezing their
f*****g throats, loss of air. Victims gagging, vomiting. Awakened to die. Living dreams of pleasure. I know I'm not normal.
Numerous bodies abducted then murdered. No longer dreaming.

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