Versuri MORTAL DECAY - Soaking In Entrails

Album: MORTAL DECAY - Sickening Erotic Fanaticism

There she lies, the victim of my horrendous crime. Disabled and prone, delightfully I amputate. Completely ripped open, I smear
the blood onto my face. Leaking bodily fluids saturate, saturate her battered corpse encircled with scattered stumps. Rummaging,
tearing through her stomach, the horrid beauty so arousing. Soaking in entrails, I stand over her dead body. Mutilated with
passion, I bathe in her disgrace. Beheaded now, intestines decorate her torso. Goresoaked, disemboweled, drenched in her own
waste. Horribly molested, lacerated body hemorrhaging. Disposal of her body parts after days of sick pleasure. So peacefully, so
beautiful soaking in entrails.

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