Versuri MORTEM - Addiction To Sexual Slaughter (Part 1)

Album: MORTEM - Amputator

[Dedicated to Chicatilo]

Since my childhood I like to see torture
Women suffer from my sudden violence
Waiting in the night alone accidental girl
Compress in my hand knife with gleaming blade
I hear taps of shoes. I see beautiful girl
My cock erects now. Feeling rush of blood
From the dark of night I jump on the girl
Lift my pointed knife over little head
Her screams die away. No one hears in the night
She's falling down before me
I drag her body to bushes
Look at her beautiful face
Feel brutal lust deep inside
I tear her clothes apart
I throw her panties to grass
Take her bust in my hands
It takes my breath away
I have lust for her sticky guts
Blood now gushes from her throat on the ground
I bite her tits. I touch her clit
f*****g her open mouth
Trembling rushes through me
Her c**t twitches slightly under my hand
Spurting warm cum
Her lips have a pale blue colour
Perspiration covers my forehead
I take my knife. Thrust in her c**t
Cut her flesh from pudenda to throat
Her guts fall out
Moving apart her flesh twisted
Immerse my hands in her bowels
Ripping out her entrails
Bringing up to my face
Her liver gives warmth
My mouth's in her blood
I bite off her tongue
Chew it with her blood
Feeling satisfaction
I dig up the soil for her grave
And throw her body to black pit
Shaking off dirts from my knees
Wipping my mouth from her blood
One more female corpse
Pick up from the ground her guts
Throw out. My mind needs a rest
My body wants to sleep