Versuri MORTEM - Addiction To Sexual Slaughter (Part 2)

Album: MORTEM - Filicide

She's walking down the street.
Alone in the late evening.
I'm waiting her in bushes.
I wanna f**k her.
I like this kind of pleasure.
Knife in my hand.
Begin the violent
Sexual death.
Blood splashes aside
When I stab her by knife.
Scream from acute pain
Is dying away in the night.
I don't care.
Take out my prick.
Stab in her c**t.
I tear her clothes apart.
Sex with the dead.
I like to f**k young girls.
It makes me pleasure.
f**k young dead body.
Touch her hairy crotch.
Blood runs from her cut throat.
Kiss her elastic breast.
Guts from stomach
That I have opened
Are falling down on ground.
I carve her flesh in pieces.
Blood splashes on me.
I've got a satisfaction.
That's all.