Versuri MORTEM - Along Comes Killer

Album: MORTEM - Corpsophagia

My first victim was my mother
I was sixteen, she was dissected
She was a whore
When I have known that
It's got me crazy, so I killed her
Since that turning point
I've been hunting for the bad girls
Like was my mother
In our shabby walk-up
Cockroach-infested apartment
I dismembered my mother's body
I was sitting before her corpse
Thinking about my life
I swore to clear this world
Make it clean from that trash
Next night I went out in the street
Where the red lights on
I found the girl, who's living on her back
She spread her leags wide apart
I strangled her by her stocking
She had no time to cry
Then I cut her throat by knife
And set her corpse on fire
It was my second victim
So it has been started
Dirty whores beware my vengeance
I've begun the body count

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