Versuri MORTEM - Amputator

Album: MORTEM - Amputator

All began from maturation
Limbs are swollen
The black arms and black legs
You suffer from your body torture
My patient needs amputation
I like to see unbearable pain
The tears drops from your eyes
You think of me that I'm a butcher
Limbs putrifaction need amputation
Prepare my tools the catling and saw
Pus seeps through your necrosed skin
Dehydrated turning green
You tremble with fear exite me
I like it. My knife stabs into your skin
Incise your flesh on the arm
Your black blood splashes me
Rotting liquid from your cut
Gashes off making stench
Rotten yellow slime intermixed with blood
Drooling on the table
Your scream enrages me
Saw your septic bones away from flesh
Take your carved arm in my hands
Throw it in the heap of stumps
They call me amputator
Begining to saw another arm swollen with pus
Pain in your eyes
Then I saw your decayed blackened legs
With dead skin
Your amputated limbs discharging the infection
Green and yellow matter
Flowing out from under heap
You're lying on the cart
You are looking like a chump
Without arms and legs but you're alive
Putrid remains I must burn down
Smoke in the room, malodorous reek
You think of me that I'm a butcher
They call me amputator