Versuri MORTEM - Blood Thirsty

Album: MORTEM - Amputator

All my real victims are the children
I am killing them strangulation
The fresh dead bodies lies in the room
Look at their necks. I'm thirsty for blood
Hot red blood
Evil in my brain lives with cruelty
Blood tastes nice drives me nuts
Take the body little corpse
Carry it to the bathroom
Take my knife cut the throat
Fountain splashes aside
I drink the blood
Running warm stream down my throat
Belive in the strength that gives me the gore
My organism becomes younger
I feel liquid runs down my oesophagus
Soaks in my internal organs
Blood gives me intoxication
Child falls down before my feet
Drained dead body now turn blue
Take another little corpse
Cut his veins on the arms
Place the jars under wounds
Slowly filling sticky blood
Keep this drink in the fridge
Till I'm thirsty
Nothing want more
I drink only blood
I can't see any liquid
Pour acid into the bath
I must destroy all traces
Their bodies corrode by acid
Fizz and smoke. Dissolve for ever

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