Versuri MORTEM - Confession Of The Serial Killer

Album: MORTEM - Death Is My Name

Usual sexual life
Didn't give to me pleasure
I have killed my first victim
Completely casually
I just wanted her to rape
But she shouted and scratched
It has enraged me, and I strangled her
I cum when she was dying
The pleasant shiver passed through my body
I still remember her face
I still remember all my victims
I didn't simply killed and raped
I dismembered and dissected them
I opened stomach to second victim
It wanted to me to see her heart
I drowned her body in the river
I felt myself unpunishable
I have got used to this
And I wanted it more and more
I confess that I'm guilty
You can call me death
I don't regret about what I've done
It was the best thing in my life
Girl's gasping
While I'm strangling her
My fingers are
Gripping her neck
Knife's cutting
Her belly
Guts are falling out
On the ground
I'm guilty, yes
And you can call me death

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