Versuri MORTEM - Cut Throat

Album: MORTEM - Filicide

A child lies on the road
Blood flows out of his cut throat
A car stands near the corpse
Bumper covered with the blood
Father grew numb
Horror's in his eyes
The kids guts stretched
From the burst stomach
Bones protrude of his broken legs
Daddy looks at his only son
That has just died before his eyes
Something changed in his brain
Murder's now need of life
He can't see the other children
He can't hear the voices of kids
Ambulance takes away
Mangled little children's body
Father stands on the street
He can't go anywhere
Soon after that police collided
With the most horrid crimes
Of this town
Children with cut throat
Opened bellies
Guts fell out on the ground
Pools of blood
Some maniac kills the kids
With the very brutal ways
With certain motive
One after other
He leaves his innocent victims
With the clean cut throats
Black out of his brain
Darkened by accident
To kill all kids
Is now his present life
Nothing can stop his crimes
In this town.
Only resurrection of his own son from kingdom
Of the dead will give back
A mind to him

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