Versuri MORTEM - Dead Love

Album: MORTEM - Amputator

My life goes by in mortuary
I like to work with the dead
For me this place is sanctuary
The floor is bloody red
Unfrozen corpse lies on the table
Smell of death in the air
Now I'll get satisfaction
Dead girl with the beautiful hair
I like to touch naked corpses
I like to feel dead skin
Prepare scalpel, rusty blade
Stroke her flesh, kiss her lips
Burn her scalp on the sconce
Blistering skin and burst up
I saw her skull take the brains
They're oozing through my hands
I take the blade and cut her stomach
Her wet guts are steaming and smell
Ripping through her mangled body
Pulling off the kidney and spleen
I kiss her sticky entrails
I lick the goo from her crotch
I suck out the pus from her mattery skin
I drink ptomaine from her eyes
Bloody limbs, brocken bones
Empty eyeholes in the skull
Flies are sitting on the pile of guts
Veins torn out from the flesh

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