Versuri MORTEM - I Will Eat Your Heart

Album: MORTEM - Corpsophagia

Driven in the dark corner
Fear is in your eyes
You will be my donor
Your death shall be so nice
There's no one who can save you
Don't even try to cry
I'm gonna eat your body
Your blood soon will be mine
Don't try to bring me out with your crying
I don't f*****g care it
'cause I'll have eaten you
After I dissect your body
Blood, guts, bones, I will leave after my dinner
All I need this time, it's your bloody heart
I'm gonna rip it out from your opened chest
Place your heart in boiled water
Let it boil until the broth is ready
I'm gonna eat it later
I feel gonna when I drink your blood
When I chew your tender meat
Your boiled heart so delicious
Lies on the plate cut in little pieces

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