Versuri MORTEM - Internal Organs For Sale

Album: MORTEM - Filicide

Striking cleanness of the rooms.
Abundance of latest
Expensive medical apparatuses.
Perfect secret admittance.
Entrance not for all.
A narrow circle of the people
Let into it.
Conveyer is working here
By provision of orders.
For human's internal organs.
Rich clients pay
For transplantation
Of inner vital organs.
Pumping purest blood
From infant baby.
Somebody needs a new liver.
Somebody needs a new kidney.
Experienced surgeons
Do their job in this clinic.
Healthy children are missing
In different places of country
Of various ages.
All of they get here
Intact safe and sound.
Dissected torso
Exposes the heart.
Blood runs through the drains.
Internal organs for sale.
Rich men pay for it.
Malpractice. Vivisection
Anaesthetic. Operation.
Empty bodies. Incineration.
Patients. Convalescence.

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