Versuri MORTEM - Post Mortem

Album: MORTEM - Amputator

Yesterday I was alive, and now I know I'm dead
But what is it, I feel no pain
I'm feeling no flesh
Mortuary, here I lie
I can see without my eyes
Blood doesn't run into my veins
My brain doesn't serve to me
Lying on cold table. I see my lifless corpse
Strange thoughts fill my soul about the living dead
Death-it's not the end of human life
Soul-it's spring of life in the beyond
Coroner cuts my stomach, pulling out my guts
My heart with torn veins, blood dripping on my eyes
He saws my skull, takes my white and grey brain
Place my corpse in the coffin
Nail the cascet lid
I hear the bell tolls and noise of earth
My corpse gutted and cleaned
Lies in the grave under ground
I know nothing what will be with me
I've been lying here for many years and rot
Maggots ate my intestines long ago
I feel the strenght fill my lifless corpse
Beggining to crash my rotten coffin
Now I come out from the grave
My mind works inside my skull
Forbidden evil is rulling me
I need flesh and human brains
I will consume it by my jaws
I am creation of father Satan
You will die. I'm bringing world destruction

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