Versuri MORTEM - Rectum Irritation

Album: MORTEM - Filicide

I'm an every man I live among you
But unlike you I've got one pecularity.
I don't care for beautiful girls.
I like little boys
Sexual delight is to stick child
Assholes with very great effort
It's easy to treat
With the little ones
They resist least of all
I lure away my victims
In different cunning ways
They don't even guess
What I'll do with them
Virgin hole of child
Forbidden lust for blood
Attracts me.
The smell of s**t
My cock erects now
Shove it into your hole
Tied victim screams for help
Beginning copulation
Blood running on my balls
Leaks out from abrasions
See back of your head
Ejaculate inside your rectum
It's not enough for me
I have a lust for blood
Taking my hatchet
Eviscerate your body
Chop off your head
Spurting warm blood from
Your gullet splashes just on me
Blood appears under the knife
Moist innards steam and smell
Evirated bloody crotch
Your scrotum's before my feet
After all that have done
I'm filled with loathing
It becomes disgusting
Remorse comes to me
I bring damage to mankind
It's nessesary to cure
Fear gives plead not guilty
The sexual instinct
Gets the upper hand

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