Versuri MORTICIAN - Redrum / Outro

Album: MORTICIAN - Mortal Massacre 7"

Visions, Of Future Deaths
Redrum, Family's Fate Is Met
Terror, Lurking In The Halls
Shining, Spirits Have Called

Rotting Corpse, Bloated Flesh,
Rising Up, From The Tub,
Little Girls, Chopped And Hacked,
Family Slaughtered, With An Axe

Blood Dripping From THe Walls
Undead Spirits Roam The Halls
Horrifiying Scenes Of Death
Axe Is Smashed Into The Chest

Trapped Inside, Cannot Hide,
Door Is Smashed, With The Axe,
Scared To Death, Filled With Fright,
Ghostly Beings, Terrorize


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