Versuri MORTIFICATION - Journey Of Reconciliation

Album: MORTIFICATION - Mortification

[Words by J. Sherlock & S. Rowe, Music by J. Sherlock]

His eyes could hardly see the long road ahead
Blood and sweat dripped down His face as He was lead
His body was beaten, far beyond repair
They thought He was just a man
But He was the Son of God

This man was not guilty of any sin
He had done nothing wrong, He was innocent
He chose to take all the world's wrong
And take it down to the abyss

The journey continued to the place called the Skull
Step by step He staggered on, the sky was getting dull
On and on He kept up with this pain He must take
He went through this when will the world wake

Jesus Christ is the only Son of God
He did all this for you because He loved you

Many were weeping many more laughing
Many were mocking many were scorning
This man would do what no one understood
The sacrifice was made by God's own right hand

At last the arrival at Calvary's hill
They tore off his rove and naked He stood
They nailed Him to a cross they got their wish
But in three days they'd never guess

He rose from the grave!
He rose from the dead!
He rose from the grave!
He rose from the dead!

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