Versuri MORTIIS - Le Petit Cochon Sordide

Album: MORTIIS - The Grudge

I broke my back for you.
I split my blood for you.
I ruined my life for you.
And this is what it comes down to.

You're like that fairytale king.
Take it all away, don't share no thing.
God forbid you give some away.
But one of these days you're going to pay.
Is there anything you wouldn't do?
Would you sell your own mother too?

Can't you ever get enough?
You craving f**k, can you ever get enough?

The slimy, grase, piggish eyes.
f****d by greed and dirty lies.
Is there anything stopping you?
A wall of tears, man, you'd run it through.
f**k, dig up their graves.
Even in death you get your slaves.

Cant you ever get enough?
You craving f**k, cant you ever get enough?

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