Stiluri: Drone


Country: United Kingdom Label: Rise Above Records Website: Formed in: 2001 2001- Drone Doom metal Line-up Current members: 2001-  Olly Pearson - vocals   2001-  Dominic Finbow - guitar   › 2001-  -//- drums   Session musicians: 2001  Ben Ayling - bass   Discography 2003 Moss/Nadja [Split] [EP]   2004 Live Burial [EP]   2004 Bunkur Vs. Moss [Split] [EP]   2004 Thee Bridge Ov Madness [Split] [EP] 7 2005 Protected By The Ejaculation Of Wolves [Split] [EP]   2005 Underworld Ritual [EP]   2005 Cthonic Rites 8 2007 Moss / Monarch [Split] [EP]   2008......Toata biografia Moss
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