Versuri Mother Tongue - Damage

Album: Mother Tongue - Mother Tongue

Feel free

I'm a baby born
Helpless warm

Gonna keep my tears
In a bowl
Gonna drink 'em down
When I get old
Gonna take some time
Find what's mine
Gonna, gonna go

I'm gonna bleed my blood
I'm gonna break my bones
I'm gonna break it down
I'm gonna throw some stones

Cause I'm damaged
Cause I'm a helpless warm
And I'm so damaged

Open thighs
Baby dies

I'm gonna break you down
I'm gonna break your bones
I'm gonna bleed your blood
I'm gonna burn your homes
I'm gonna damage
I'm gonna damage

I'm gonna mess it up
I'm gonna make it weak
I'm gonna shoot you up
I'm gonna make you speak
I'm gonna damage
I'm gonna damage

Quenched thirst
Thin skin
Baby dies

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