Versuri Motorhead - Going To Brazil

Album: Motorhead - 1916

Here we go again, on a 747,
Looking at the clouds
From the other side of heaven,
Smoking & drinking, never gonna stop,
Reading magazines,
Stop me looking at the clock,
Wanna watch the movie,can't keep still,
Flying down to Rio, going to Brazil,
Watching all the roadcrew
Attacking little girls,
Joined the mile high club,
Goin' round the world,
All the booze is free,
Airline going broke,
Here come the lady
With another jack and coke,
Wanna watch the movie,
Can't keep still,
Flying down to Rio, going to Brazil,
Steve, Clem,Hobbsy,
John,Crazy Dil and Pappy,
Had to travel second class,
They ain't too f*****g happy,
Elevator music, butter in my ears,
Think we're gonna die,
Just the pilot changing gear,
Wanna watch the movie, can't sit still,
Flying down to RIO, going to Brazil.

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