Versuri Motorhead - Shine

Album: Motorhead - No Remorse

[I. Kilmister, P. Taylor, B. Robertson]
[Motor Music Ltd.]

Hard time gettin' to ya babe,
Double take, figure real rough trade
But you know I'm a real good lover,
Can't judge a book by the cover,
I know, and you know I know,
Can't trust your intuition no more.

Look good and I make you smile,
Bet ya thought I wouldn't have no style,
I'm gonna turn your head around,
Won't know til you hit the ground,
Gonna change the way you feel,
I'm gonna roll ya like a wheel.

High life, I'm a fool for you
Low life, like to break the rules,
First bite, you know I got a taste for you,
I'm gonna make you shine.

Be a switch to say the last,
My beauty gonna meet your beast,
Comin' over and shake your tree,
My body gonna set you free
I know, and you know it's true,
More over I'm comin' through


It's over and I got you down
Gonna chase you round and round,
Mess around with the way you feel,
Gonna offer you a whole new deal,
Gonna lay it on ya just for kicks,
Down on ya like a ton of bricks.


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