Versuri Motorhead - Snaggletooth

Album: Motorhead - No Remorse

[I. Kilmister, M. Burston]

Though I was done for now, well here's a big surprise
'Cos I keep coming back, I can't be exorcised
I'm like a nightmare babe, I'm here to mess with you
I'll make your hair stand up and I'll make your lips turn blue

I'm gonna raise your roof
Ring your bell and that's the truth
Speed don't kill and I'm the proof
Just call me Snaggletooth

I've just been waiting here, and you were late again,
But I knew you'd be back, I hoped you'd bring a friend
I want you to believe that there is no way out
You're in the snakepit, babe, there's a lot of it about


So now you know my name, I guess you realise
Don't try to fight babe, I got you hypnotised
And sometime late tonight you'll hear the were wolf call
Gonna be old Snaggletooth gotcha by the bals!


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